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A strict rule following high school senior by the name of Mike Dimino is joining a group of lifeguards at a midwest country club.  Mike won't drive over the speed limit, go to bed without brushing his teeth, and would definitely not drink underage.  All the other lifeguards probably follow the straight and narrow path too, right? 

Pretty soon, Mike discovers that the other lifeguards focus more on throwing parties and goofing around.  They are led by Norb; the almost 30 year old head lifeguard who could spend the rest of his days summer break.  Another guard named Emma leads the charge in breaking Mike out of his shell.  

Over the course of the summer, Mike and the guards have parties, cause shenanigans, and spark a few romantic flings. Will they take the partying too far? You will have to come see for yourself. 


I was a lifeguard for many summers through high school and college.  While sitting up in chair on slow days (and occasionally busy ones) I would day dream about a comedy movie that focuses on lifeguards and their day to day activities, the down time spent chatting about life, and the inevitable relationships that would form.   Over the past few years, I finally wrote and polished the script.  I decided to get the wheels turning to make this movie in my head a reality.

This movie will be my first feature length film.  It will also be one of, if not the, first feature length productions for all of our principal cast.  This is will be our opportunity to help grow the emerging midwest film scene.  The large majority of the cast and crew will be from the surrounding area, and everything will be shot on location in Toledo, Ohio.  

We also want to make a film that is funny, positive, and an all around good time to watch.  The entire comedy genre has really fallen in recent years.  We want to help bring it back up.  I want this film to feel like a warm summer day at the pool! 


Our Signature Aesthetic

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